Family Larder comes to East Marsh

Together for East and West Marsh
2 min readNov 29, 2019


The We are one Foundation has just announced that they are hosting their own family larder which offers support for local families from the 3rd December twice a week at St Andrews Church on the corner of Albion Street.

This is not a food bank and is focused on supporting families as much as possible. The larder will support families to socialise in a relaxed cafe setting where families can have a cup of tea or coffee and then talk to a member of the team where they will receive their choice of food items to take home with them completely free of charge.

If anyone is in need, please contact the We are One Foundation for next steps. They are completely inclusive and non judgmental — its all about helping people who need a hand.

If anyone would like to support the Family Food Larder, the following donations are welcome.

Tinned food (urgent)
UHT milk
Fruit juice
Dried pasta meals
Breakfast cereal
Instant porridge potsBaby wipes
Nappy rash cream
Teething gel
Baby food

They will also be very grateful to receive any financial donations to support the larder:

Please be aware that the We are One Foundation are unfunded and do not take a wage (in fact quite the opposite) and so rely on the generous donations of those wanting to make a difference.



Together for East and West Marsh

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